Personalized Obedience Training

Basic & Advanced Obedience Programs

At Ridley K9 we understand the importance of an obedient dog. Are you having issues with your adult dog obeying your commends? Not only is this frustrating but can be dangerous to their well-being also. We can successfully help you with your dog’s obedience training in a short amount of time. Even the most stubborn of dogs can be trained!

  • Learn how to apply training fundamentals and our 4 Phase training system
  • Teach your dog any obedience commands you would like them to know
  • Basic through advanced obedience – on and off leash
  • Problem solving

Puppy Foundation Training

Get your puppy heading down the right track today!

At Ridley K9 our passion is raising puppies. Whether you’re raising a pet or a working dog it is of the utmost importance that you provide a proper environment, social interaction, relationship building and foundation training. When a puppy’s temperament is properly understood you can help shape and mold them into a well behaved,  happy & confident dog!

It is for this reason we believe our puppy foundation training is the best decision you will ever make for your new puppy’s life. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation!

  • Building proper dog / owner relationship
  • Proper handling techniques
  • Proper socialization techniques
  • House breaking: (potty training & crate training)
  • Basic Obedience: (look, leash manners, sit, down, stay, come)
  • In-home manners and behavior: (Off, bed, wait @ door, leave it & out)
  • Problem solving methods

Aggression and Behavior Modification

Get a handle on your dogs bad behaviors and aggression today!

At Ridley K9 we specialize in correcting bad behavior and aggression problems. We understand how hard it can be to handle and correct behavior and aggression problems! We require an initial temperament evaluation of your dog so that we can correctly determine your dog’s genetic disposition and temperament. During your dog’s temperament evaluation, we will develop a strategic behavior modification program that can help you change your dog’s thinking process and, in turn, their outward behavior.

  • Behavior issues (i.e. excessive barking, digging, bolting, escaping, destruction of property, separation anxiety, mouthing & biting, potty issues, etc.)
  • Fear & social aggression
  • Control conflict aggression
  • Possession & territorial (protection) aggression
  • Idiopathic (for no reason) aggression
  • Prey (animal) aggression
  • Play aggression
  • Redirected (frustration) aggression
  • Pack aggression

Dog Training Pricing

The Consultation

Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation
  • *Just mention our website!
  • Speak with Garrett Ridley directly about your dog or puppy
  • Free information on how to training your dog or puppy
  • Schedule in home training session or a workshop

The Custom K9 Solution

In Home Training
$ 250 2 Hour Training Sessions
  • *Price may vary
  • Evaluation of your dog or puppies disposition
  • Learn how to implement our 4 phase training system
  • Customized training program based on your training goals