Who is Garrett Ridley?

Garrett has been mentored since 2005 and has been taught to use different dog training philosophies and methods. Over the years of raising, handling and training sport dogs and pet dogs, Garrett realized the benefits of reward based training and compulsion used in a fair manor always lead to a more confident, obedient and balanced dog.

Ridley’s other passions are American Bulldogs, training and decoying for K9 sport & protection. Being a breeder, trainer, competitive handler as well as a training and trail decoy has given Garrett the added insight and understanding of reading canine language and behavior. His vast amount of experience and knowledge has allowed him to better translate canine language to his clients.

Garrett is proud to be a guest on the Roni Deutch Radio Show. Listen for Garrett on the Roni Deutch Radio show on iHeart and KFBK AM 1530 Sundays. Follow Garrett & Ridley K9 Academy on social media. 

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Every dog has their own genetic disposition. So, yes some dogs are harder to train than others. However, with a good environment and some professional help you can end up with an obedient and well behaved canine companion.

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