Who is Garrett Ridley?

Garrett Ridley has been mentored and trained by two expert dog trainers since 2005. He has had the opportunity to learn from both of these experts who had different dog training philosophies and methods. Garrett Ridley has had extensive experience training with positive / reward based dog training methods and old school compulsion dog training methods. He quickly recognized the benefit of both methods and the fact that one without the other usually ended with an unbalanced dog.

Garrett Ridley’s other passion is decoying for sport protection and police K-9 dogs. Garrett is a helper for local training club . Being a decoy has given Garrett the added insight and understanding of reading canine language and aggression. He is a certified decoy and loves participating in local Police K-9 trials in Northern California and along the west coast.

What Kind of Dog Training Do We Offer?

Ridley K-9 Academy offers fair and balanced training. Our dog training methods are based on a four phase training program. You will learn classical and operant conditioning as well as modeling theory to train your dog. We believe in teaching you how to read your dogs language so you can properly use the dog training knowledge you will receive.

What is Our Dog Training Philosophy?

Our dog training philosophy is to build your dogs intense and willfull desire to work for you by using positive reward based dog training methods. We believe in being proactive instead of reactive with dogs. We would rather be proactive so that we can reward your dog’s positive behaviors. By being proactive you will be able to reduce the corrections (compultion) required and prevent the manifestation of unwanted behaviors.

We do use negative reinforcement or punishment (compultion) to correct unwanted behavior when we are sure that your dog knows and understand what we ask of them.

If you are not willing to use compultion through leash and collars such as prong collars, chock collars or remote e-collars Garrett is not the right trainer for you. We recomend you find a trainer that uses only postive reienforcment methods. Make sure you find out before you start training.

Why Are We Dog Trainers?

Quite simply, it is Garrett Ridley’s passion to train. He trains because he loves helping people learn how to properly communicate, understand and strengthen their bond with their canine companion. The best reward it so see the joy in people and their dogs when they finally communicate clearly with each other. This is the reward that Garrett seeks in every dog training experience and it is what drives him.