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Dog Training
behavioral Training: Lesson 3

Dog Anxiety

Having a dog with anxiety is not easy to handle. However, here is your chance to help your dog overcome their anxiety. In this chapter you will learn what it is that triggers your dogs anxiety and why as well as learn how to fix it.



Your dog’s temperament has predisposed them to have anxiety and unfortunately you have exposed this anxiety in them by the way your have raised and handled them up to this point. If you have rescued a dog who has anxiety it easier for you to address their anxious behavior immediately compared to those who have helped build their dogs anxiety. Most anxiety is caused when you spend ample amounts of time with your dog and build the social bond very strong. Thus causing your dog to show anxiety through clingy, needy and pushy behaviors with you. There is also anxiety from fear that causes avoidance behaviors that cause your dog to run due to their self perceived danger.