Ridley K9 Academy offers professional dog training services tailored for all ages, breeds, and personalities.

With over 20 years of experience, we transform dogs and their owners through positive behavior development and fostering trusting relationships.
Brown dog with green collar on wooden floor.
Black dog in snowy forest sitting on tree stump.
Happy bulldog with plush toy on wooden floor.
Cute small dog with a leash indoors.
Cute small dog with a leash indoors.
Black dog in snowy forest sitting on tree stump.Black puppy sitting on snowy tree stump.
Bulldog lying on porch, looking towards the camera.
Cute dog chewing on a bone in living room.
Happy poodle sitting on wooden block outdoors.
Brown dog with green collar on wooden floor.

At Ridley K9 Academy, we understand that every dog is unique, which is why we provide specialized training programs to meet the individual needs of each canine companion.

Our Specialized Training Services

  1. Dog Board & Train

    Our board and train program offers a complete training solution, with your dog staying with us for intensive, immersive training. Perfect for busy owners or dogs needing focused attention on behavior and obedience, this service provides a genuine "reset" for your dog. Training occurs in our trainers' homes and real-world locations, making it ideal for clients with limited time or dogs facing moderate to severe behavior issues.

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  2. In-home Dog Training

    Our private in-home sessions are customized for owners who want to be fully involved in their dog’s training process or have dogs with minor behavior and obedience issues. We guide you in becoming a better handler and trainer by training both you and your dog in the comfort of your own home, ensuring a personalized and effective experience.

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  3. Group Dog Training

    Join our community of dog owners and experience the benefits of our group training sessions. These classes provide a supportive environment where your dog can socialize, learn, and reinforce good behavior and obedience alongside other dogs. You'll also gain valuable insights and tips from fellow dog owners, making the training process enjoyable and effective for both you and your dog.

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Why Choose Ridley K9 Academy?

Quality over quantity is our mantra. Unlike traditional kennel facilities, our intimate home settings allow for personalized attention and care.

Here's why you should choose us:


About Ridley K9 Academy and Garrett Ridley

Garrett’s love for dogs blossomed from his earliest memories, sparking a lifelong passion that would shape his future. His journey into the world of canine companionship began when he welcomed his first American Bulldog at the age of 19, followed closely by rescuing a Pitbull mix.

Man in blue shirt with pitbull looking up.
Man training dog in outdoor field.

Rave Dog Training Reviews from Happy Pup Parents

Discover how Ridley K9 Academy has transformed the lives of dogs and their owners with our expert training programs. Read what our clients have to say about their experience!

I used Garret over year ago and absolutely loved him and his dogs! I referred him to a friend of mine and she has now referred him to two other people. Garret knows dogs and treats them with respect and they in turn treat their owners with respect. I would…

— Mary D.

I interviewed several dog trainers 2 year ago before choosing Garret. I chose him over all of the others because of his approach using positive reinforcement and gentle correction. Garrett worked with me to give my dog the structure and discipline that he badly needed. I could easily see that…

— Angie M.

After several trainers came to our house & deemed our dog too big a problem for them to remedy, Garrett Ridley showed up and saved the day. It was like having a visit from the dog whisperer. Like that, but better. Garrett is the consummate professional, he understands dog behavior,…

— Dante M.

This trainer speaks a dog's language!  We were so impressed that he would come to our home and patiently answer all our questions and work with us and our very large, full-of-life puppy!   He does not break a dog's spirit but instead, helps you to embrace and enjoy your…

— Gail H.

Garrett has been my families trainer for many years and through multiple breeds: German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and of course American Bull Dog.  Garrett loves dogs and really understands how precious they are to your family.  He has a very balanced approach to training for whatever behavior you desire out of…

— Jason W.

He is with out a doubt someone to call on.  He makes sure you get it right and make it a pleasant experience with you and your dog. In my opinion he is actually training you to make your pet what you want out of them.  He is super nice…

— Brian K.

Garret helped us train our 8 week old Springer Spaniel at our own home. He spent a couple of hours teaching us training techniques and gave us more insight into our puppy's personality traits. It was a great start to us training our puppy as a family.

— Wendy R.

Garrett is passionate about canines, there care, training and breeds winner American Bulldogs. He's an expert on all these subjects and has years of experience to back up his effectiveness. He does not disappoint!

— Rita N.

Garrett is an amazing dog trainer who understands dogs & people! Overjoyed with the behavior of our German Shepherd mix and Husky! Liked that he worked with the dogs at home and I won't have to sell a kidney to pay for it!

— Karen C.

Garrett came to our home for our first training session with our 5 month old Shepherd. Garrett coached us and gave us the training we needed to understand our dogs cues. Looking forward to utilizing the skills we learned today. I highly recommend Ridley K9 academy.

— Karen B.

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