At Ridley K9 Academy, our clients' testimonials are a testament to the transformative impact of our dog training services. With personalized training programs tailored to each dog's unique needs, Garrett Ridley and his team have successfully helped numerous dog owners achieve remarkable results.

Mary D.

I used Garret over year ago and absolutely loved him and his dogs!

I referred him to a friend of mine and she has now referred him to two other people.

Garret knows dogs and treats them with respect and they in turn treat their owners with respect.

I would recommend him to everyone!

Angie M.

I interviewed several dog trainers 2 year ago before choosing Garret. I chose him over all of the others because of his approach using positive reinforcement and gentle correction. Garrett worked with me to give my dog the structure and discipline that he badly needed. I could easily see that he is a man who loves to see dogs be successful. Recently, my dog Murphy began having behavior problems that were endangering his health. I called and left a message and within the hour I received a concerned call back. Garrett just came out to my house and Murphy greeted him like an old friend. Garrett worked out a behavior plan using positive reinforcement for me to implement. I was very disheartened to learn that such a great trainer was maligned in the media. Knowing him and the fabulous service he provides I can say that he would never harm an animal. He is excellent at what he does.

Dante M.

After several trainers came to our house & deemed our dog too big a problem for them to remedy, Garrett Ridley showed up and saved the day. It was like having a visit from the dog whisperer. Like that, but better. Garrett is the consummate professional, he understands dog behavior, and he literally saved my dog’s life. I cannot begin to thank him enough.

His kennel is located in Placerville, but he was happy to come all the way to Sacramento to evaluate our situation. His fee was nominal for the initial consultation and he spent more time with us than he promised. He gave us lots of good advice and training techniques just in that first visit. It only got better from there.

I wish there were more stars to rate him higher. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Garret Ridley if you need a dog trainer or think that you may need dog training advice.

Gail H.

This trainer speaks a dog’s language!  We were so impressed that he would come to our home and patiently answer all our questions and work with us and our very large, full-of-life puppy!   He does not break a dog’s spirit but instead, helps you to embrace and enjoy your dog as a puppy.  We have worked through some very annoying behaviors yet feel we are positively engaged with our puppy, thanks to Garret’s guidance.  You will not be disappointed and feel more confident as a puppy parent.

Jason W.

Garrett has been my families trainer for many years and through multiple breeds: German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and of course American Bull Dog.  Garrett loves dogs and really understands how precious they are to your family.  He has a very balanced approach to training for whatever behavior you desire out of your dog.  Garrett has a deep understanding of a each dogs temperament and which training methods work best for each individual dog.

My wife and I recently had twins and our old Rott. passed away.  Garrett meet with us to determine our wants and needs for a new puppy.  He did an extensive evaluation of breeds and temperament for us and hand-picked our American Bulldog.  He is absolutely the perfect dog for our stage of life and is so very gentle with our twins!  He is our first call for anything dog related and should be yours too!

Brian K.

He is with out a doubt someone to call on.  He makes sure you get it right and make it a pleasant experience with you and your dog. In my opinion he is actually training you to make your pet what you want out of them.  He is super nice and loves what he does.  He gives great advice and always there to help you.  Call and get your loved one in a better place!!!!

Wendy R.

Garret helped us train our 8 week old Springer Spaniel at our own home. He spent a couple of hours teaching us training techniques and gave us more insight into our puppy’s personality traits. It was a great start to us training our puppy as a family.

Rita N.

Garrett is passionate about canines, there care, training and breeds winner American Bulldogs. He’s an expert on all these subjects and has years of experience to back up his effectiveness. He does not disappoint!

Karen C.

Garrett is an amazing dog trainer who understands dogs & people! Overjoyed with the behavior of our German Shepherd mix and Husky! Liked that he worked with the dogs at home and I won’t have to sell a kidney to pay for it!

Karen B.

Garrett came to our home for our first training session with our 5 month old Shepherd. Garrett coached us and gave us the training we needed to understand our dogs cues. Looking forward to utilizing the skills we learned today. I highly recommend Ridley K9 academy.

Marcel H.

I have watched Garrett Ridley train dogs for several years. His compassion when speaking with dog owners mixed with his knowledge of training skills makes for a great learning environment for both dog and handler. If you are looking for a place to train your dog you have an excellent one with Ridley K9 Academy!

Laura M.

We bought Garrett Ridley’s book. It is very informative. Garrett is an invaluable resource for American Bulldog owners. Sadly, we live too far away to get training sessions in person. He instead, was able to speak to us several times at great length by phone.  He is generous with his time and willing to share his knowledge. Our puppy’s behavior immediately improved after using Garrett’s advice.

Robert N.

I’ve have been using Garrett to educate me in training my 2 Rottweilers and German Sheppard every week for about a year.  His extensive experience always produces desired results.  Garrett has been exceptional at training me and my wife!  We then pass this knowledge down to our pups. We strongly recommend ridley k9 academy for all your k9 needs.

Nastia A.

I had an amazing training session with Garrett. He helped me understand my dog’s feelings and actions, and now I feel I can work with Grizz in a partnership. We worked on his confidence building, and mine, to help us feel better outside with distractions. My boy is only 8 months old and with today’s session I know we are going to have a great future together. I cannot thank Garrett enough for the help he provided today, and I will be recommending him to anyone who asks! Couldn’t be happier with my experience!

Billie R.

Garette was our answered prayer
2 Months ago we adopted a 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab mix from Sacramento shelter. From the start our new dog seemed to adapted very well to our home. His personality very smart , sweet and semi listened to commands.
Things changed as soon as we had several Family members at our house for a baby shower. He was aggressive , territorial protective and we became fearful He would attack a neighbor ,family member or grandchild and our worst fears would come true:(
The thought of returning him back to the shelter broke our hearts ,We were Inlove with him.
We weren’t gonna give up on Our new fur baby, so we searched  help and I strongly felt led to call Ridley K9.
Garrett Spent a long time speaking to us on the phone helping us understand Far more about our dogs behavior and The tools that are necessary.
We were able to get an appointment right away at our home ,40 miles away ,one on one with our dog.
As We anticipated Garrett’s entry into our home was actually nail biting ,in fear of our dogs behavior towards him. But Our dog was not aggressive towards him Surprisingly , Garrett stood firm in his commands and body language and our dog responded amazingly.
I can’t express enough with our 2 hour appointment all that we learned and by the end , our dog was like a new dog!
My husband and I worked with our dog as instructed. The following week we put him to the test And had family members and grandchildren at the house. Incredibly no problems and all went well . I can’t tell you the peace that we now have and so happy knowing that as long as we put in the work we will have a well behaved fur-baby. So worth it !
All thanks to Garrett for his time and knowledge he really knows what he’s doing!! We thank God for him 🙂
So don’t hesitate to call if you need help with your furbabys he’s the man to guide you !

Madelyn D.

Garrett helped us immensely with our young golden doodle puppy. It was amazing seeing how quickly our puppy could learn new skills with the proper teacher- absolutely could not have made this much progress on our own!! I would absolutely recommend his training to anyone who needs direction with a new puppy!!

Nels Hammack

Yo bro! Nice!!

Joe Echols

Thank you for all the tips and coaching today. We are excited to continue working our amercan bulldog puppy.

If anyone needs help with their puppy, call Ridley K9. He is great with the dogs, adults and especially with our 6 year old son. Great training session today.

Shaun Vasquez

Let me just write plan and simple this guy Garrett knows what he’s talking about, if u apply what he teaches you , you will get RESULTS. The proof is in he’s dogs, and I personally have seen him handle dogs that would have other trainers run the other way. Not to mention he’s good guy straight forward. Thank u for your work.

Debbie Stetler Zeier

I signed up for a training class w my black lab puppy , Garrett was sooo wonderful w all the dogs in the class, we had different breeds, different ages. Garrett had us think about our own goals with our dogs and he worked w all of us individually and as a group. Garrett’s love for what he does and all the dogs in the class was so evident by how he interacts with the dogs and us! My pup has gone from a “run amok don’t know what trouble she will get into next” to willing and eager to please “what next mom”. The best thing was that he breaks everything down to little steps that were easily accomplished by dog and owner!!!! Thank you!! I recommend him for dog training to everyone who has a dog!!

Lesli Rose

I have interacted with Garrett a few times, he has the right energy for training dogs, he is calm and non reactive, he listens well and responds thoughtfully. I admire the training of his own dogs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Garrett if you need help molding your pup into a model k9 citizen.

Marcie Hoekstra

Garrett helped my dog and I to become a better team. Understanding that I needed to be taught how to properly train my dog and show him what I expect/need from him is key. He helped me to correct the behavior I had enforced and show me the correct way to interact with him. I am grateful for Garrett’s patience, knowledge and understanding. I would recommend him to anyone needing assistance and look forward to the next phase in training. In just a week, he is like a new dog and I will continue to follow Garrett’s training tips to become the best handler I can be.

Bailey Herrling

Garret came into my home and completely opened our eyes to so many different things with my 1 year old German Shepherd. He set us in the right direction and gave us some great tools to start working with Gunner. He answered ALL of our questions and definitely took away some stress that we were having due to worrying about Gunners bad behavior. He truly does awesome work and you can tell he loves what he does! I would recommend him 110% especially for dogs that are on the aggressive/more dominate side of things. ☺️

Christina Comaduran-Silva

Garrett’s patients is amazing. His work with our dogs has changed our whole dynamics on how we handle our dogs, and all for the better. I would reccomend him for dog training anyday. Thank you Garrett.

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Karen Burns

Garrett, came to our home yesterday for our first training session. We learned so much about how to read our dog’s cues. After a few hours, it has already been a significant improvement. I look forward to putting what we learned into action. I highly recommend Ridley K9 academy!

Nastia Avanova

I had an amazing training session with Garrett. He helped me understand my dog’s feelings and actions, and now I feel I can work with Grizz in a partnership. We worked on his confidence building, and mine, to help us feel better outside with distractions. My boy is only 8 months old and with today’s session I know we are going to have a great future together. I cannot thank Garrett enough for the help he provided today, and I will be recommending him to anyone who asks! Couldn’t be happier with my experience!

Robert Newmeyer

Garrett has been consistent and informative at our weekly training sessions. we have been working with him for about 1 year. we suggest contacting ridley k9 academy for any and all your k9 needs!

Lara Loewen

Garrett came today and did an in-home training session. I am so pleased! he was patient, kind and worked with the entire family helping to give us the right tools so we would know how to help and train our puppy. I highly recommend k9 academy. the tools he gave us and the instruction he gave put my mind at ease. we have a Doberman Pinscher puppy and I know she’s going to get big so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to train her or wouldn’t be good at it. but he guided us through everything and told us to contact him at any time if we have questions or concerns. I’m very confident now in my abilities. We are excited to go to group training in a couple weeks at the K9 Academy!

Noah Holmes

Garrett is knowledgeable with all kinds dog breeds and works with each dogs strengths and works around weaknesses like my dog (a Dogo) is a very dominant dog so pining to show dominance wouldn’t work with my dog he acknowledged this and found other ways to get through very happy with the results
don’t know how others do it but Garrett asked what we wanted other then the basics sit stay come I wanted recall ie she can go run around on her own and comes when called would like to take her hiking and just let her go exploring but still have control to get her back with out the use of a leash would recommend for any dog / puppy training

Jon Sins

Garrett came out to my apartment to get some obedience training done with my Dutch shepherd. he was very patient with us and consistent throughout the entire session. I would recommend ridley K9 to anyone looking to have any sort of training with there dog. 10/10

Sharon McFarland

Garrett is the best. My wild poodle puppy has already made significant changes after her first lesson. He is patient, loving and cares so much about dogs. Garrett is also really fun to talk with. I would highly recommend Ridley K9 Academy.

Alison M.

I’m very happy I found and reached out Ridley K9 Academy. Garrett obviously knows dogs and more importantly how to help the people he works with better understand them. Even before booking an in-house session, he readily helped over the phone. His approach with the training was great – he allowed our German Shepard to come to him and build trust and a rapport and at the end, we had better confidence working with our dog. He didn’t rush the session and even stayed over the scheduled time to answer all the questions we had. He left a packet of information that goes over everything we worked on during the in-house session too so we can keep at it on our own. He also hosts group sessions to keep up with the training and work on dog socialization which I’m looking forward to attending. We’ve seen just how sweet, playful, and trainable our dog can really be – now that we know how to handle him!

Cheyanne C.

After struggling with our puppy and her growing leash reactivity towards other dogs for a year, we decided to call Garett. With his attentiveness and amazing ability to assess an issue with our dog right away he was able to immediately fix the issue during training. With the tools that he has given us we have been able to see improvements in our dog on walks and her reactivity. We have been able to recall her off of an object that sets her off and to teach her patience to sit or lay down when presented with frustration! His tools and advice have been very helpful and easy to follow. His willingness to be available with any questions at any time has also been a huge help!

Chloe M.

We hired Garret to help us with our 2 year old pup who was having some behavior problems. Garret has great information and has gone out of his way to help taking time to answer any of our questions and show us how to communicate more effective with our pup. The methods he has presented have been super effective in helping our pup gain confidence and good behavior. We are so thankful we found Ridley K9 Academy Dog Training!