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Billie R.

Garette was our answered prayer
2 Months ago we adopted a 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab mix from Sacramento shelter. From the start our new dog seemed to adapted very well to our home. His personality very smart , sweet and semi listened to commands.
Things changed as soon as we had several Family members at our house for a baby shower. He was aggressive , territorial protective and we became fearful He would attack a neighbor ,family member or grandchild and our worst fears would come true:(
The thought of returning him back to the shelter broke our hearts ,We were Inlove with him.
We weren’t gonna give up on Our new fur baby, so we searched  help and I strongly felt led to call Ridley K9.
Garrett Spent a long time speaking to us on the phone helping us understand Far more about our dogs behavior and The tools that are necessary.
We were able to get an appointment right away at our home ,40 miles away ,one on one with our dog.
As We anticipated Garrett’s entry into our home was actually nail biting ,in fear of our dogs behavior towards him. But Our dog was not aggressive towards him Surprisingly , Garrett stood firm in his commands and body language and our dog responded amazingly.
I can’t express enough with our 2 hour appointment all that we learned and by the end , our dog was like a new dog!
My husband and I worked with our dog as instructed. The following week we put him to the test And had family members and grandchildren at the house. Incredibly no problems and all went well . I can’t tell you the peace that we now have and so happy knowing that as long as we put in the work we will have a well behaved fur-baby. So worth it !
All thanks to Garrett for his time and knowledge he really knows what he’s doing!! We thank God for him 🙂
So don’t hesitate to call if you need help with your furbabys he’s the man to guide you !

Billie R.