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Angie M.

I interviewed several dog trainers 2 year ago before choosing Garret. I chose him over all of the others because of his approach using positive reinforcement and gentle correction. Garrett worked with me to give my dog the structure and discipline that he badly needed. I could easily see that he is a man who loves to see dogs be successful. Recently, my dog Murphy began having behavior problems that were endangering his health. I called and left a message and within the hour I received a concerned call back. Garrett just came out to my house and Murphy greeted him like an old friend. Garrett worked out a behavior plan using positive reinforcement for me to implement. I was very disheartened to learn that such a great trainer was maligned in the media. Knowing him and the fabulous service he provides I can say that he would never harm an animal. He is excellent at what he does.

Angie M.