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Potty Training 101









Does your dog have stinky sanitary habits?

Over the past few weeks I have had several puppy and dog owners tell me their dog is having problems potting in the house. Most of the time, owners with puppy’s and small dogs are having these issues.  If you have a puppy or dog who has poor sanitary habits it is very important to keep a clean environment and potty training routine until they understand the routine. It is your job as a dog owner to be proactive in teaching your dog a new  potty training routine.

 Here is the potty training routine I use…

  1. Put your puppy or dog in the crate for the night.
  2. When your pup or dog wakes up, take them out on a leash to your desired potty area.
  3. Let them smell the area and give them some time to go potty. If they do not potty with in 5-10 minutes put them back into the crate for approx 5-10 minutes.
  4. After 5-10 minutes take them back out to the potty area and try again. When your pup or dog uses the potty, you should say “Good, Potty” and reward them.
  5. You can now allow them to be in your house. However, you must watch them and set a timer for 30-45 minutes. When the timer goes off repeat steps 3-5.
  6. If and when an accident happens… just put the pup back in the crate, clean up area and repeat steps 3-5 until you are successful. 

If your dog is already using your home for their potty area you will need to be very patient and proactive in the way you handle and fix the problem. This can be a very frustrating problem to fix. However, it is all on you and how you handle your dog. You must break the cycle by using positive reinforcement.  Please do not ever put your puppy or dogs nose in an accident! If you punish your dog after an accident you will start to loose trust from your dog.  And this is when owners start to find hidden surprises throughout the house.  

Your job is to create trust so your dog wants to come up to you and tell you they need to go out to the potty. This can only be achieved through positive reinforcement! 

Here is how to fix potty issues…

  1. Clean all areas where your dog had an accident so if they return to it they cannot smell their scent.
  2. You will need to help your dog by keeping them on a leash while you are fixing the problem. Do not leave your dog unattended in your home. They lost your trust… Do not loose theirs!
  3. Remember accidents happen… do not punish your dog! Calmly put them in a crate, clean up and start steps 3-5 from the routine above.
  4. When you start to notice your dog understanding what you require out of them and they start to earn your trust, you can start to allow more freedom. Remember to use your timer to take them out. 
  5. Also, when you leave for work, you must not allow your dog free range of your home. You must contain them in an area that you are okay with them to go potty in. I know little dog owners who have taught their little dogs to use a potty box when they are in their x-pen. 

Remember it is a process. If you are consistent you will be able to successfully change your dogs sanitary habits fairly quick. You must be proactive in your handling and training! Every day you succeed will become easier and less stressful for your dog and you. If you have any questions or comments please comment below or contact me 

Thank you for reading!