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K-Nine Lingo – Episode #3 – Interview with Nor Cal Valley K9



Interview with Nor Cal Valley K9’s Lucillano & Natalie Oliva

I am excited to share my interview that I had with my mentors Lucillano and Natalie Oliva of      Nor Cal Valley K9. I have been training with them for over 13 years. I first met them in Las Vegas at an American Bulldog Association show in 2004. In 2006 Lucillano asked me to start training and decoying with them at their training club. The knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years with working with the Oliva’s has allowed me to be the helper and trainer I am today.  I feel blessed to have them in my life as my mentor and friends/family.

In this amazing episode the three of us focus on our upcoming workshop “Exposing your dogs natural talents and drives” on April 6. We talk about dogs,  temperaments, drives as well as discuss other topics in the industry. There is very good information and insight in this full episode. So, check it out and listen in NOW!

Visit Nor Cal Valley K9 here