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K-Nine Lingo – Episode #6 Interview with Felix Sunga



My interview with Tri-Valley K9 Service’s Felix Sunga…

I am happy to have been able to have Felix Sunga on the podcast last week. I have known Felix for a very long time but I have never had the chance to sit down and talk with him outside of training. So, it was nice to sit down and talk with him about how he got started and hear some of the stories from his long career in dogs. I am happy and proud of him for starting Tri-Valley K9 Services down in Elk Grove. Felix is a very knowledgeable and talented dog trainer and has hundreds of thousands of hours handling, decoying and training dogs in the working and pet sectors of the dog training industry.

Felix and my training styles and methods are very much alike as well as how we us a balanced training philosophy to work with our clients and dogs. I really enjoyed doing this episode and chatting about a bunch of different topics. It was nice to get to know Felix a bit more and talk to him about his new dog training venture. I am always rooting for those that want to improve and better their life. I am proud that he followed his heart back into training and helping people! So please join us in on our wonderful conversation we had!

You can find all of Felix’s links below…

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