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K-Nine Lingo – Episode #5 Interview with Anny Godwin



My chat with NorCal Adventure Dogs owner, Anny Godwin…

Alright, first off Id like to thank Anny for joining me on The K9 Lingo podcast. Second, just a quick little warning on the language. I didn’t want to squash Anny’s passion in any way! lol…

So, last week I had the chance to sit down and chat with freind and fellow dog trainer Anny Godwin of NorCal Adventure Dogs in Placer country. Like I have said before, I am always interested in chatting with other trainers, listening and learning from their experiences, story’s and opinions.  

I was recently contacted by an old friend from high school who used Anny’s service to help her train her new dog and said she loved working with her. So I asked Anny if she would like to sit down and chat with me. 

We agree on mostly everything. However, there are a few things that we do not see eye to eye on. But, that is normal and she is a really good young trainer with an excellent business. I would recommend her service to anybody looking for a quality trainer in her area. Anny and I cover a lot of information in this episode. But, I especially like that she is so informative about nutrition. She shares some really good points and I believe you will enjoy this episode. So listen now!!

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