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Simple To Follow Puppy Training Rules!



Puppy Training Rules!

Building a proper puppy foundation based in positive puppy training methods is the most important training you can teach your new puppy dog. Ridley K-9 Academy believes you can start a puppy’s foundation training at 5 weeks old. Ridley K-9 Academy suggests you start foundation puppy training as soon as you bring your new puppy home.

As Professional Dog Trainers, we have a few puppy training rules we like to follow when raising & training a new puppy.

  • Create a goal of how you want your puppy to act and behave as a grown dog.

  • Create a routine and schedule to achieve your goal then be persistent and consistent.

  • Properly socialize your new puppy with different types of people and animals. Introduce your new puppy to new & different environments & material to walk on. (Use treats to help puppies adjust to new people & environments)

  •  Be 100% Proactive with your new puppy. Control your environment and limit your puppy’s options so they are always successful.

  •  Teach Obedience & Manners by using motivational positive reinforcement methods.

  • Do not use physical punishment! Use your crate as a form of time out.

Remember your new puppy is learning every day whether or not you’re teaching them! Training A Puppy is about being 100% proactive as well as learning how to manipulate your situation and environment. By doing these things you will be able to drive your puppy into making a correct decision. Helping your new puppy think they made the correct decision all on their own. When your puppy thinks what they did was what you wanted they will remember it and repeat the behavior.

Ridley K-9 Academy dog training recommends following these rules for the first year your puppy is with you. By following these simple rules over the first year you will be able to avoid a lot of unwanted canine behavior.

For more information on Puppy Foundation Training or any other dog Training Tips visit our Dog Training Tips page.

By, Garrett Ridley of Ridley K-9 Academy

Puppy Training Rules