The joy and frustration of raising a puppy!

Bringing a new puppy home can be a joyful and frustrating experience. And during this period of time new owners understandably tend to be more tolerant and forgiving of their puppy’s incorrect behaviors. However, after a few weeks goes by the tolerance and patients that was once there starts to run thin and this is unfortunately when new puppy owners become confused and frustrated.

This is about the time I start receiving calls from owners telling me that their puppy is out of control and starting to form unwanted behaviors. During our conversation I can hear the frustration in their voice due to their confusion. I can understand and sympathize with their frustration. However, most unwanted behaviors are directly related to how the puppy was raised after bringing them home. 

We must remember when bringing a new puppy home, it is very important to form some goals. This way you can be a proactive, positive handler and everything you do will end up shaping your puppy’s behaviors towards your goals. Shaping positive behaviors into habits is the name of the game!

Example of some goals:

  1. Crate trained
  2. Potty in a particular area
  3. Have manners
  4. Listen to commands

If you notice these goals will allow you to build a solid foundation on your pup when you’re a proactive, positive handler. The cool thing is puppy’s can start being trained as soon as they get picked up. And by having some simple positive steps to follow you will be able to accomplish your goals much faster. Leading to a much more joyful experience and balanced relationship.

Here are a few simple steps to get you started…

  1. Take your pup from their crate directly to the area you would like them to potty. 
  2. From the potty area take them directly to their bed and give them some valuable chew toys they can chew on the bed.
  3. When they are finished chewing on the toy or bone and they get up off the bed, take them outside to potty in the same area.
  4. Bring them back inside to play and teach them some obedience
  5. Put them back in the crate and repeat the process all over again

If you stick to a routine and stay consistent for several weeks you will start to shape your puppy’s behaviors. When you will start noticing your pup driven to do these behaviors without you asking. You know your on the right track. Keep it up!

Personally, I find the joy of raising a puppy is in the process. They are so intuitive and smart and they will pick up on your every routine immediately. So be conscious about what you’re marking and reinforcing and have fun with the process

If you find yourself getting confused and frustrated with implementing the steps to achieve your puppy’s goals, don’t wait for their behaviors to get worse. Give me a call 530-409-1879 and lets get you back to being a joyful puppy owner! 

Thank you for reading this article! I hope it helped you think a little bit different about raising your puppy. If it helped you, maybe it can help others too. So, lets keep it going…Please share it with your friends on any of the social media platforms below. Happy training!


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