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Puppy training
Solid Puppy: Lesson 7

How To Potty & Crate Train Your Puppy

Potty training your puppy can be frustrating to accomplish without using a crate. Here at Ridley K9 Academy we believe crate training and potty training puppies goes hand in hand. In this chapter you will learn what the crate is used for, why and how you should incorporate it into your puppy’s potty training schedule. Stop the accidents before they start!



The crate is the essential tool for training your puppy. Teaching your pup to accept the crate is the first form of training we like to start with any puppy. The quickest way to teach a puppy that their crate is a wonderful place is to feed them in it. When you feed them in their crate, you are helping yourself with potty training. Typically, puppies do not use the bathroom when eating in their crate. This gives you a chance to start your potty training!