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Puppy & Dog Training – The Importance of Having Goals & Rules For Your Dog!

Puppy & Dog Training – The Importance of Having Goals & Rules for your dog!

Having goals & rules set into place is a very important step in dog training. Forming goals and rules will make training your puppy or dog much easier. Having goals for your dog gives you a clear direction to train your dog.  By having a clear direction to train your dog you can set up some clear rules to be followed in order to achieve your goal.

When you have your goals and rules set into place it is going to be very important that everybody dealing with the puppy or dog is on the same page. When everybody dealing with the puppy or dog is on the same page and can implement the rules and training your dog will be able to reach your goals very fast!

The secret is to be persistent & consistent!

When coming up with your goals and rules think about what you want out of your dog. For example your goal can be, having your dog walk politely by your side. The rule can be,  you must take treats with you every time you walk your dog on leash. This way you can reward them for walking politely by your side. If you are persistent and consistent with your training your dog will be walking politely by your side in no time.

If you have any questions or are having problems implementing rules and achieving your goals please contact us to schedule an evaluation. We can create a personalized training program to help you implement your rules and training to achieve your goals!

Happy New Year!

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