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Client Testimonials

Garrett Ridley is Great. There is no doubt that he knows dogs. He is able to read them before they even act. He doesn't back down from training very difficult dogs. He has thought me how to be a better pet owner.

Meredith McDonald - Cameron Park CA


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Dog Training Reviews | Dog Trainer Reviews | Testimonials

Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills

Here you will find several testimonials from clients of Ridley K-9 Academy. We would like to thank all our clients for their support and recommendations over the years! You are the driving force behind our success!

Enjoy the testimonials, we look forward to working with you in the future!

We highly recommend Garrett. He has helped us immensly with our 8 month old German Shepard puppy. We can take her for walks on the trail now, she is listening to us when we give her commands. He has made her a better dog Honestly.

Carol & Jim Swallow - Placerville CA.

Garrett deserves a 10 STAR rating. You would be hard pressed to find a trainer that reads and communicates with, both the animal and the human in such a highly effective manner. His professional skills and people skills put him in a category by himself.

He's the real deal and the results prove it - Nice!

Lezlie Hartsoughs - Placerville CA.

He was one of the only trainers who didn't tell me my Akita could not be trained. I thought it was great that he came and did a free in home assessment of my dog. My akita was so out of control and her dog on dog aggression was out of hand. Garrett has done wonders with her; he not only trained my dog, he trained me to. I wish i had a before and after video to show the amazing changes in my dog. Garrett believed in her and he gave me the confidence to do the same. thank you so much. Turned my Kujo into Lassie. Unbelievable transformation in my dogs obedient and general attitude to other dogs and peoples. Move over Dog whisperer.

Tiffany Mckinly - Sacramento CA

Garrett has a very calming influence over our dog and yes, us also. His abilities in handling are outstanding. He is able to properly show you what the dog is doing and what you are doing right or wrong. We are in our last "in-home" sessions, but intend to keep him informed of our progress

Fred Mar - Placerville CA

Garrett has a unique connection with the dogs he trains. He has a calm, commanding nature that is compassionate but firm. His training techniques offer positive solutions for a wonderful owner-pet environment. His commitment to his profession and his business is unwavering. He and Courtney have worked hard to establish themselves in this field. I would encourage anyone looking for training and assistance with their dog to consider the services of Ridley K-9 Academy!

Danielle Signorella - Laffayette CA.

We got a puppy last year that was getting out of control, we call Garrett for help, he came out and gave us some tips, but I wanted the training so we could take the dog out on walks instead of the dog walking us. He has done wonders with her and with us; he not only trains the dog but trains the owner on how to keep up with the training. I would recommend him to any one who has a puppy or full grown dog out of control or just needs a little help to call him, he is very reasonably priced. Garrett understands the dogs so they comply willing for him; he made it look so easy.

Thank you

Joey Selby - Pollok Pines CA.

Garrett Ridley trainer and owner of Ridley's K-9 Academy has been working with our dogs and our family for 4 years plus. He has given us numerous tools to train our dogs so we enjoy our dogs and others can too. Garret's hands on approach and coaching skills has created a confidence and discipline in our 14 year old daughter, she has competed and won 1st place in 2007 NKC dog show. He is a wealth of information and an amazing dog trainer. We are so grateful for his commitment to making responsible pet owners.

Paisha & Jeff Weaver - Placerville CA.

Garrett Ridley is Great. There is no doubt that he knows dogs. He is able to read them before they even act. He doesn't back down from training very difficult dogs. He has thought me how to be a better pet owner.

Meredith McDonald - Cameron Park CA

We are the proud owners of a beautiful German Shepard that Garrett Ridley trained. He is a terrific trainer with all the knowledge and passion needed to train any dog to become a well behaved valued family member. We highly recommend Ridley K-9 Academy. Mia says Thank you to Garrett.

Joyce Gorrell - Citrus Heights

Garrett is awesome! He treated us like extended family while training our pit bull puppy. (Buddy misses you Garrett!) We loved that he customized the program to meet our needs and wants for our dog! We will definately use Garrett more in the future!

The Major Family - Cameron Park CA.

Wish I would have known about Ridley K-9 Academy years ago. I have learned so much and my Boxers are much happier. Garrett is patient and listens to all your concerns. Training was fun and I would recommend Garrett to my friends and family. Thanks Garrett!

The Bauschers - Cameron Park CA.

Beyond simply a fine trainer, Garrett Ridley is that special compassionate person that my extremely fearful Catahoula, Angel, needed. It took him only a matter of a few hours to open her mind to the idea that a stranger could be her friend. He demonstrated techniques we could actually see working on her while he talked to us. Until we met Garrett, we had given up on any hope that she could live as a happy dog. In only a few months, Garrett gave us the understanding and the skills we needed to set Angel back on the right path. Ridley is the best.

Helen Johnson - San Pablo CA.

I have a Doberman Pincher and Garret came to my house and worked with my dog and my husband and I on a few things we could do to improve our dobermans behavior. Garrett is a excellent dog handler and trainer ! I took a class with him and he was so helpful and takes the time to talk to people. If you want to learn how to train your dog and be a great responsible pet owner then Garrett Ridlley is your man and he will share with you all the knowledge he has to offer. I look forward to expanding my dogs training with Garrett this summer!!!

Lori Shepard - Shingle Springs CA.

Garrett Ridley is professional and dedicated to helping the humans learn what their dogs are doing and why! Endless patience and a great sense of humor characterized every session I attended. My dogs and I all made great progress.

Pauline Holmes - Cameron Park CA.

Our dog, Chloe, is much better behaved after two sessions with Garrett. He taught us how to get her to walk on the leash without pulling us down the street. She is also doing well with the stay command. Would recommend Garrett to anyone with a dog who may have a behavior problem or someone with a new puppy.

Marcie and Neil Page

Garrett helped to teach three "old dogs" (our 7 year old dog and the two of us) new tricks and how to be consistent with the old ones. He listened to our concerns and tailored the sessions to our needs. He helped us understand how to work with our dog in positive but disciplined ways. We cannot thank him enough for his patient, professional approach to the lessons. We are very happy we met and had the chance to work with Garrett.

Lisa Martin - Shingle Springs CA.


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