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Client Testimonials

Garrett Ridley is Great. There is no doubt that he knows dogs. He is able to read them before they even act. He doesn't back down from training very difficult dogs. He has thought me how to be a better pet owner.

Meredith McDonald - Cameron Park CA


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American Bulldog | American Bulldogs | American Bulldog Breeders

Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills - Ridley K-9 Academy American Bulldogs

American Bulldog | American Bulldogs | American Bulldog Breeders | Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills

You will be happy with a Ridley American Bulldog, we Guarantee it!

Garrett Ridley has been involved in the American Bulldog (AB) breed since 1997. Garrett got his first AB, Hannah, who was out of Martin's Chesty Puller II & Martin's Cinderella Story bred by John Martin. Garrett knew he would always love and own an American bulldog. Thirteen years later Garrett still owns and loves the American bulldog breed more than ever. Garrett is now married to his lovely wife Courtney where they live in Placerville California with their family of four ABs.

Cyrus the Great of Wrab's - STUD

American Bulldog | American Bulldogs | American Bulldog Breeders | Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills

Cyrus was pick male out of the first breeding of Boyd/ Dailey Hobo x Shasta. Cyrus was born February 2004.We knew he was going to be a great dog on the ride home. Cyrus is a very intelligent American Bulldog. He learns very fast and easy to train. Cyrus earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate at 7 months of age at the 2004 ABA nationals. At the same show he demonstrated amazing prey drive and won 1st place in the driviest pup competition.

Cyrus has proven himself to be a wonderful home guardian and sport protection dog. Cyrus has a wonderful ability to turn on and off. He can be in drive on protection training field one moment and the next moment be out of drive and social with people, children and other dogs. We consider this to be one of the best attributes to his temperament.

Cyrus weighs in at just about 100 lbs. He is a very large standard type bulldog. His frame is one of huge bone and very thick muscle. Cyrus has amazing prey drive and is fast and agile. Cyrus runs agility courses at our facility and has been clocked with a radar gun in a sprint race at 26 MPH!


NWDA - BST1 (breed standard test) title

SDA - FO (family obedience)

SDA - P1 (protection 1)

AKC - CGC (canine good citizen certificate)

PENN HIP - Left .38 Right .41 (No DJD)

Ellie Mae of Wrab's

American Bulldog | American Bulldogs | American Bulldog Breeders | Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills

Ellie Mae is also a pick female from WRAB. She was born October 2004. Ellie is out of Hard Hitting High Flying Rocket Man (aka Iggy) X Wild Rivers Siskyou.

Ellie Mae is our foundation Dame. Ellie's temperament is very solid. She is a loving female but also very protective. She has wonderful prey drive that comes from her pedigree. Ellis is also very social with other dogs but can show a lot of dominance. We feel Ellie is the perfect foundation Dame!

Ellie had her first litter June 2007. She showed us that she was a natural mother. Ellie proved that she would through wonderful puppies. She threw very correct confirmation & loads of drive. Her daughter Honda has received her NKC championship in confirmation in 3 shows and by 3 years old. We also had puppies that have taken Best Puppy in Show as well as placed in the driviest puppy contest.
Ellie’s conformation is small compact and super muscular. Ellie has a very muscular rear end with wonderful angulation. She is very dense with good sized bone (which does not affect her movement in any way). Her head is very pretty, large and blocky with tight lips, nice almond shaped eyes with a good pronounced stop. Her coat is nice, short & tight.


NWDA - WTE (breed standard test) title

AKC - CGC (canine good citizen certificate)

OFA - Fair

PENN HIP - Left .50 Right .41 (No DJD)

NCL - Tested Clear

Ridley's Born In A Honda

American Bulldog | American Bulldogs | American Bulldog Breeders | Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills

Here is our pretty girl Ridley's Born in a Honda out of Boyd’s Alaskan Blizzard & Ridley’s Ellie Mae. Honda is a very intense and hard female who is built and works like a male. Honda has extremely high prey drive & prey aggression but can keep her mind.

At the 2008 NKC bulldogstock in CA. Honda was handled by Garrett in the confirmation ring where she took Best Bully Female Pup both days as well at Best In Show Bully Pup. Honda also took 2nd in the driviest puppy contest. During the 2010 NKC bulldogstock Honda won several more times to receive her NKC confirmation championship title.

Honda's confirmation is very correct. She is very muscular and blocky with nice bone structure. She is form meeting function! Honda is on the smaller side but makes up for it with her presence. Her head is nice and square with tight lips and rose type ears.

Honda has been very intelligent easy to train. Garrett & Honda are currently working on her SDA PD (police dog) 1 & 2.


NKC - Confirmation Champion

NWDA - WTE (breed standard test) title

Ridley's Lucky Penny

American Bulldog | American Bulldogs | American Bulldog Breeders | Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills

Meet our Lucky Penny; also out of Boyd’s Alaskan Blizzard X Ridley’s Ellie Mae, she is a litter mate to Honda. Courtney has decided to keep her lucky penny as her companion and pet. Penny is a wonderful addition to our pack. She behaves very well in the house and is great with other dogs. She, however, is a very protective and territorial dog.

Her foundation has been placed on her by Courtney (who has done a great job at building her temperament & confidence). With all of Courtney's hard work and effort, Penny has become a little social butterfly. At the 2008 NKC bulldogstock Courtney entered Penny into the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and she passed with flying colors.

Excellent job Courtney and Penny! Congratulations for having a new Canine Good Citizen in El Dorado county!

Ridley's Jessie

American Bulldog | American Bulldogs | American Bulldog Breeders | Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills

Meet Jessie. Garrett rescued her at 9 weeks old from a vet in the San Francisco Bay Area. Somebody dropped her off in the parking lot, so he brought her home. She is now 9 years old and is the most athletic and fun dog we have ever owned. She loves to swim and we condition her in the river also. Jessie is a mix between a border collie and pit bull. So, needless to say, she is full of energy and drive. We can say Jessie has been a very hard dog to own. There have been many of times Garrett has wanted to find her a new home, but we love her too much and believe she came into our life for a reason. And now we can say for a fact Jessie is the reason Garrett is training today.


Ridley's Hannah (RIP)

American Bulldog | American Bulldogs | American Bulldog Breeders | Sacramento, Placerville, El Dorado Hills

Hannah was our first American Bulldog and was 12.5 years old when Garrett had to make the hardest decision of his life. Hannah was out of Chester Puller x Cindy Story dog.

There was a deep and special bond between Hannah and Garrett. Hannah taught Garrett so much about how to live his life. She was a blessing and balance in Garrett's life for the wonderful time he was with her.

Hannah is the soul reason we love the American Bulldogs so much. She had a temperament that was soft and loving, yet very strong. She loved being around kids and adults. Her instincts where sharp and she was a very smart dog. She had helped us herd a donkey and she knew exactly what to do without ever being taught. Pure instinct.

As a young girl, even with a bum leg, she had a huge amount of drive but could switch it off in the blink of an eye. She is exactly the type of dog we strive to breed. Hannah was always a good protector and very loyal. We will never be able to replace such a wonderful dog. Garrett now calls Hannah his gaurdian angel!


Ridley K-9 Academy is still in the process of building a tight sound line. Our goal is to produce an American Bulldog that is genetically healthy, physically and temperamentally sound with amazing structure that follows form and function. We only breed our dogs if we are in a position to keep or co-own the best puppy for our personal needs. Thus making every litter top quality!

We are looking to produce hard working AB's that can excel in dog sports (i.e. PSA & Schutzhund) & confirmation ring. Are you looking for a well bred pet, companion or guardian? If you are looking for a quality bred working, show or pet American Bulldog (AB), look no further!

At Ridley K-9 Academy every American Bulldog we own is our personal pet and companion. Every litter is raised with in our home with an abundance of love & affection. Because we know our puppies best, we feel it is our job as professionals to select and place each puppy with the proper owner / household.

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Our Breeding Stock Requirements:

  • Working titles in dog sports & obedience
  • C.G.C. (Canine Good Citizen) AKC.
  • OFA &/or PENN Hip Certified: (All breeding stock must posses an OFA score of fair or better, or have achieved a PENN Hip score no lower than the 60th percentile range.)
  • NCL clear


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