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Client Testimonials

Garrett Ridley is Great. There is no doubt that he knows dogs. He is able to read them before they even act. He doesn't back down from training very difficult dogs. He has thought me how to be a better pet owner.

Meredith McDonald - Cameron Park CA


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Dog Training | Dog Trainers | Garrett Ridley

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Our Mission at Ridley K-9 Academy is to provide working and large dog owners with a reliable dog training and puppy training service.

Our Duty as dog trainers is to provide you and your dog with a successful dog training experience. Ridley K-9 Academy serves Placerville and the greater El Dorado and Sacramento counties.

Our Goal at Ridley K-9 Academy is train your dog but teach you how to successfully communicate, handle and "train your own dog."

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Because a well trained dog is a pleasure to be around and can create a very peaceful and loving home environment. But most important, a trained dog is not a liability to you, your family or our communities. Therefore, we believe all dog owners have a moral obligation and responsibility to train their dogs!


Every dog has their own genetic disposition. So, yes some dogs are harder to train than others. However, with a good environment and some professional help you can end up with an obedient and well behaved canine companion. By putting your dog through a professional training program with Ridley K-9 Academy you will be avoiding or eliminating any headaches you may be having with your dogs behavior & training.

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